About Us

We are tea lovers bringing you exotic tea from around the world.

We work with small farmers, often multigenerational tea artisans, who specialize in unique small batch teas that give you a taste of the local flavor you can't get anywhere else.

Our tea farmers are committed to sustainable farming practices, crafting handmade teas rather than using industrial machinery that produces more waste, poor quality tea scraps, and mass produced commodity tea.

Our mission is to give you the best tea experience possible by delivering premium tea from around the world to your door.

Your adventure awaits and we are here to connect you to the culture beyond the cup and invite you to explore new places, learn about different tea customs, and find your favorite teas from around the world.


Explore a new country every month. Get transported to your dream destinations for a taste of the culture and the local teas. Can’t travel? No worries. We bring the adventure to you.


Immerse yourself in the rich history and fascinating rituals of tea around the globe. Connect to every aspect of the tea culture as you enjoy your cup of tea.


You’re on a world tour of tea. Enjoy every place, every moment, every sip.